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I got BAD Permanent Makeup!! What do I DO?! I'm PANICKING!

Don't panic. I know you are feeling all the emotions (and may even be shedding some tears). I'm going to break down your options for you.

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If in fact you TRULY got a botched job, microblading, PMU with a machine- brows, eyeliner, lips- there is an immediate solution to help the pigment not settle in the skin as intended. If this a case of 'my brows are 2mm off!' and can be adjusted at touch up, let them be and let them heal, your artist can fix that at your next appointment.

As for my botched babes, an Emergency Saline Removal must be done within 48 hours- the sooner the better. This aids in not allowing the pigment to settle into the skin. I have seen results by doing it in under 72 hours, but I do not recommend waiting. Do NOT try any DIY methods such as scrubbing, lemon juice, peroxide or whatever other crazy things people think will help. This can lead to: infection, scarring, discoloration, and compromising any results from proper removals.

Full Emergency Removal results can be seen around the 8 week mark. Do not expect to walk out of the emergency session botched brow free.

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If you wait past that 48 hour mark, I'm sorry but you have missed the window of opportunity. The skin has begun to close up and the healing process has begun. At this point you must now wait the full 6-8 weeks for the brows to heal and a full cellular turnover of your skin. Let the skin heal. I have seen artists go back into the skin before 6 weeks and it makes me cringe knowing that skin is not ready for another round of trauma.

So maybe during this 6-8 week period, they didn't heal as dark as you thought they would, or you ended up loving them. No? Still botched? Read on.

At this point we need to take a look at exactly what's going on. Are they too deep? Uneven? Funky colors? Lots of factors determine the next course of action.

I offer saline removal (referred to as lightening too) but laser may be a better option in some cases. They are both excellent modalities for removal. Saline pulls pigment up and out while laser breaks up pigment molecules for the body to naturally dispose of in the lymphatic system. Both require patience and commitment. Sessions must be done 8 weeks apart MINIMUM. This includes after the emergency session if that was done.

If I believe a laser would better suit your case, I absolutely will refer you to a specialist. I am here to help even if the service is not with me, I will steer you in the right direction in order to get assistance.

Now, I've SEENT SOME THINGS walk through my doors that I cannot wrap my head around how a human could do that to another. I started to offer saline removal because I noticed the amount of bad brows coming my way asking for help was getting out of hand.

There is a severe lack of regulation in the PMU industry. Did you know that most states don't even have a tattoo license for artists? I'll get into that can of worms another time.

If you or someone you know needs help immediately, there is a directory of Li-FT Saline Removal technicians here:



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