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Brows are shaped and mapped according to facial symmetry. Once shape and color are approved, hair like strokes to simulate the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs are made with a permanent makeup machine and a single needle.

Not recommended for extremely oily or mature skin.

A combination of hair strokes and machine shading. Brows are shaped according to facial symmetry. Once shape and color are approved, hair-like strokes in the front of the brow are made with single needle and machine, blending naturally into the center and tail with machine shading.

Not recommended for extremely oily or mature skin.

Brows are shaped and mapped according to facial symmetry. Once shape and color are approved, a permanent makeup machine is used to give the brows a full and filled in appearance. Recommended for all skin types. Ideal for those looking for full and filled in brows. 


Yearly touch up session for Nano,

Powder, and Hybrid Brow clients.

For current clients only.

Please book accordingly.

  • What are the eligibility requirements for permanent makeup?
    Client must be 18 years of age No children are allowed in the facility Many factors will determine if you are a candidate for permanent makeup. Note that you may NOT be a candidate if you: * Are pregnant or breastfeeding * Have skin irritations such as sunburn, acne, or a rash * Had Botox in the past 30 days * Take or have taken Accutane in the past year * Used any type of Retinols or Trentinoins in the past 30 days minimum * Are Diabetic or undergoing Chemotherapy * Have a cold or sick * Have any Viral infections or immune deficiencies that may hinder the healing process * Nano and Hybrid is not recommended for extremely oily or mature skin. A powder brow is most suitable for any skin type. Please book accordingly. * A touch up on work not done by Shelly will be considered a new service, and must be booked as such. If you are unsure or have a question please contact Shelly directly before booking. A Doctor's note may be necessary in certain cases.
  • What is the difference between Nano and Powder brows?
    Nano is a cosmetic tattoo in which a single needle deposits pigment into the skin creating a look of hair like strokes done with a permanent makeup maching. Powder brows is also a cosmetic tattoo done with a permanent makeup machine by depositing pigment into the skin with a group of needles to create the look of filled in ‘powder makeup’. This results in a soft natural looking brow. Nano is not recommended for extremely oily or mature skin while powder brows is suitable for all ages and skin types.
  • Will it hurt?
    Topical anesthetic is used throughout the process. Your comfort is very important. Topical numbing does not work on everyone and if you have a concern or allergy, please inform beforehand.
  • How long will it last?
    Typically permanent cosmetics last 1-3 years. Microblading and permanent makeup procedures are affected by factors such as lifestyle (sun exposure, exercise etc.) medications, metabolism, facial surgery/ injections, age and type of skin. Remember, oily skin is not recommended for microblading. The pigmentation process is not complete after the touch up procedure. In ALL cases, a follow up appointment is REQUIRED approximately 6-8 weeks after the initial application to fine tune and ensure the best possible results. This is your investment, treat it with care!
  • Why is a 6-8 touch up procedure required?
    In order to achieve optimal results, a 6-8 week touch up is crucial. All skin heals differently and at the 6-8 week touch up we will evaluate how you are healing, what if anything needs to be changed and if we choose to go darker or add more density.
  • What can I expect for the healing process?
    Everyone heals differently. Brows will appear darker the first few days and lighten 20-30%. Temporary side effects may include but are not limited to: redness, swelling, puffiness, bruising, dry patches and tenderness. Please refer to the aftercare sheet here
  • What if I had my eyebrows previously tattooed?
    This is a case by case basis. Previous work by another artist is considered a new service. Please book accordingly or email: with any questions. Some cases may need removal sessions before we are able to begin working on new brows.
  • What if I am not ready to commit to permanent cosmetics?
    Shelly offers a Hybrid tint service that can be combined with a Brow Lamination service for those not ready to take the leap into permanent cosmetics. This is a great introduction to see if a more full and shaped brow is right for you! (Must have brow hair for Lamination services)
  • What is the difference between Saline and Laser tattoo removal?
    While they both are successful methods of removal, in short saline removal removes the ink from the skin by extracting it through osmosis while laser removal breaks down pigments pushing them deeper into the skin where they are absorbed by the body naturally. Both can be used for permanent cosmetic and body tattoo removal. However certain lasers are only able to lighten specific colors depending on their wavelengths. Saline does not recognize color and can remove all colors. Laser and Saline removal most likely require multiple sessions. Saline is also more affordable for most clients seeking removal.
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