If you are looking for a solution to remove pigment from an unwanted tattoo, this is it!


What is Li-FT  ?


Li-FT is a saline and fruit extract based product that removes unwanted pigment in the skin.

It can be used to lighten pigment from eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, SMP, and body tattoos. 

It is a safe and effective non-laser method of removal.

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How does Li-FT  work?

Science! In short, saline removal uses the power of osmosis to lift pigment molecules up and out of the skin, where as laser removal pushes the molecules further into the skin for the body to dispose of also risking scarring, possible hair loss and discoloration.

As with any pigment removal process, it takes patience and multiple sessions may be required.

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Shelly is an official Li-FT trainer. If you are interested in getting training for this service please email: for more information.

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Is Li-FT right
for me?


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Li-FT Before and Aftercare

Each case is different. If you would like to know if you are a candidate for

Li-FT ink removal please send a clear well lit picture of area to be lightened to Shelly at:

It is the best decision I ever made! She was on point and it was not painful at all! She listened and took her time to draw them out and they are perfect!. The amount of time I saved in my makeup routine is priceless. I literally can leave the house with no makeup on and look good! I cannot thank you enough Shelly!


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