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Aftercare! Why it's crucial for great results.

Let's start by confirming that permanent makeup is in fact a tattoo. Yep, a tattoo on your face! When we are implanting pigments into the skin, essentially we are creating an open wound. First Aid 101 tells us that open wounds must be kept clean and free from foreign harmful bacterias.

Remember when you would get a boo boo on your knee when you fell off your bike? What would happen next? An adult would wash it, clean it with an antiseptic solution, apply some kind of healing aid ointment and cover it with a bandaid. BAM! All better!

So now, think of your new brows as a boo boo on your face. Except this time we want to heal the skin AND make sure that all the pigment stays right where we put it!

Keeping the skin clean is the number one most important duty during healing.


After the service, your skin will begin to heal itself naturally with plasma! (That is the clear liquid you see other than blood that comes out of a wound) It's like your skin's natural bandaid. This assists in helping to close up that wound and protect it from harmful bacteria. In order to make sure that that bacteria is staying out, I give all my clients an antibacterial soap to use day and night. Lightly washing and patting with some antibacterial bubbles will keep those new browsies nice and clean!

There are TONS of aftercare products out there in the Permanent Makeup world. I have tried a lot of them. I finally found -what I think at least is- THE BEST one! Many products out there on the market contain petroleum. Think of vaseline type products. These are EXTREMELY occlusive meaning its like a blanket of goo that sits on top of the skin. This is not promoting healing. In fact, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and possibly lead to... an infection!

Back to the good stuff. I came across Membrane Post Care Products on a PMU Facebook group and I met Mariannthy, the creator of the brand at a PMU convention in Miami in 2019. I could hear her passion when telling me about the products! Non-occlusive, all natural, moisturizing, hydrating, and ethically sourced! Like a dream! Well, I was sold ten fold. Each of my clients goes home with a pillow packet of Microtonic- a magical liquid that is anti-inflamatory and aids in repairing the tissue while the skin is healing. (I also use this during my procedures) As well as a pillow packet of Microbalm- a light balm that promotes healing while soothing and calming the skin while letting it breathe. When used properly along with washing and following instructions, healing is a breeze!

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